Tournament SabUUtage Tournament (Won by AgenS)

Really sorry for the delay on this round going up. Had some difficulties with some players completely refusing to play and dropping out so I had to deal with that. I apologize to everyone who has been waiting patiently for the next round of matches.

Here are the matchups for Semi-Finals. There were one or two activity calls in the previous rounds so I will handle how that impacts the bans with the players involved in the games that will be impacted through direct messages.


(Winner of The Thunderbirds vs. Starmei) vs. Estarossa
Ov3r Ac3 vs. (Winner of agenS vs. Daiyaga)

The deadline for the previous round matches will be Monday, August 5th.

The deadline to complete all the games for the Semi-Finals will be Sunday, August 11th.
Regarding Drizzle and Drought:

Due to both Drizzle and Drought currently being suspect tested to be unbanned, neither ability will be allowed in this next round.


You thought you could challenge me?
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apologies to host and opp but im forfeiting from this tour and pkmn, was a cool tournament idea though. had fun


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I have a sailing camp until the 12th of August so I will either need an extension or if you feel its better than put a bye in for me, if you don't want tour to take up even more time.

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